ZONAL(EAST & NE) For All India IT Association - Work Related Ministry Of Communication And IT (Govt. Of INDIA)

In Association With All India IT Association - Work Related To Ministry Of Communication And Information Technology Association, (Govt. Of India )



1. Package of Personality Development 

2. Leadership

3. Interpersonal Relations

4. Communication in organizations

5. Stress Management

6. Group Dynamics and Team Building

7. Conflict Management

8. Performance Appraisal

9. Time Management

10. Motivation 

Course Content 

Unit 1 :  Leadership            : Introduction to Leadership, Leadership Power, Leadership Styles, Leadership in Administration. 
Unit 2 :  Interpersonal        : Introduction to Interpersonal Relations, Analysis Relations of different ego states, Analysis of Transactions, Analysis of Strokes, Analysis of Life                                                         position 
Unit 3 :  Communication    : Introduction to Communication, Flow of Communication, Listening, Barriers of Communication, How to overcome barriers of communication. 
Unit 4 :  Stress                     : Introduction to Stress, Causes of Stress, Impact Management Stress, Managing Stress 
Unit 5 :  Group Dynamics  : Importance of groups in organization, and Team Interactions in group, Group Building Decision Taking, Team Building, Interaction with the Team,                                                      How to build a good team? 
Unit 6 :  Conflict                    : Introduction to Conflict, Causes of Conflict, Management Managing Conflict 
Unit 7 :  Performance         : Introduction to Performance Appraisal, Appraisal Vertical Appraisal, Horizontal Appraisal, 360º Performance Appraisal, Methods of improving                                                            Techniques of Performance Appraisal. 
Unit 8 :  Time                         : Time as a Resource, Identify Important Time Management Wasters, Individual Time Management Styles, Techniques for better Time                                                                            Management. 
Unit 9 :  Motivation               : Introduction to Motivation, Relevance and types of Motivation, Motivating the subordinates, Analysis of Motivation