ZONAL(EAST & NE) For All India IT Association - Work Related Ministry Of Communication And IT (Govt. Of INDIA)

In Association With All India IT Association - Work Related To Ministry Of Communication And Information Technology Association, (Govt. Of India )

  •  International Certificate in Commercial Computing
  • International Certificate Proficiency in Flash 
  • International Certificate in Computer Concept
  •  International Certificate in Computer Accounting Package

ICAL- International Certification Australia Limited, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

IT Courses

  •  International Certificate in PC Application
  • International Professional Certificate In Computer Operations & Applications
  • International Certificate in Web-Based Technology for Business
  • International Professional Certificate in Computer Graphics & Designing
  • International Certificate In Computer systems Maintenance Technician
  • International Certificate in Computerized Accounting Management
  • International Certificate In Animation & Multimedia
  • International Professional Certification in Business & IT Skills
  • International Certificate in Commercial Computing Applications
  •  International Certificate in Commercial Computing Applications & Programming


Management Courses

  •  International Certification Programme in Banking Management.
  • International Certification Programme in Advertising Management.
  • International certification in Cost and Management Accounting
  • International Certification in Distribution Management
  • International Certification in Finance Management
  • International Certification in International Management
  • International Certification in Human Resource Management
  • International Certification in Logistics Management
  • International Certification in Marketing Management
  •  International Certification in Operation Management