ZONAL(EAST & NE) For All India IT Association - Work Related Ministry Of Communication And IT (Govt. Of INDIA)

In Association With All India IT Association - Work Related To Ministry Of Communication And Information Technology Association, (Govt. Of India )


Networking Concepts Overview : Basics of Communication Systems, Introduction to : Transmission Media, ISO/OSI and TCP/IP Protocol, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks ,Internet working, Packet Formats ,Wireless Networks , Introduction to Internet.


Information Security Concepts: Information Security Overview, Information Security Services, Types of Attacks, E-commerce Security, Computer Forensics, Steganography, Overview of Security threats, Hacking Techniques, : Password Cracking, Insecure Network connections, Programming Bugs, Cyber crime and Cyber terrorism.


Cryptography and Security Law :Introduction to Cryptography, Symmetric key Cryptography, Asymmetric key Cryptography, Digital Signatures, Public Key infrastructure, : Applications of Cryptography, Security Management : Overview of Security Management, Information Classification Process, Security Policy, Risk Management, Security Procedures and Guidelines, Business Continuity and Disa ster Recovery, Security Laws and Standards: Security Assurance, Security Laws, International Standards, : Security Audit


Network Security: Access Control and Intrusion Detection , I & A Techniques, Overview of IDS, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems. Server Management and Firewalls : User Management, DNS Routing and Load Balancing, Overview of Firewalls, Types of Firewalls, DMZ and firewall features, VPN Security, Security in Multimedia Networks. Unit-V: System and Application Security: Designing Secure Operating Systems, Controls to enforce security services, System Security: Desktop Security, email security: PGP and SMIME , Web Security: web authentication, SSL and SET . OS Security :OS Security Vulnerabilities, updates and patches, OS integrity checks, Anti-virus software, Design of secure OS and OS hardening, Configuring the OS for security.